Is An Immersive Virtual Team Building/Learning Session Possible?

You might be leading a team that is required to work from home now and into the foreseeable future.

Engagement might be twice more challenging and perhaps you are yearning for a non-work related activity to take your team’s mind off the drudgery of operations.

You may simply want to involve some new team members in a quick but effective on-boarding programme.



So let us present our 3 most popular, completely virtual, thematic teambuilding activities that immerse your team into a rich, interactive environment in the palm of their hands NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE IN THE WORLD.
1) Team CSI 2) The Office Escape3) Around The World In 80 Minutes


Designed as a crime-solving activity, teams must work cohesively to piece a myriad of information pieces into a coherent decision. Complete with victims, suspects, clues and all the rigours of police work, the CSI experience allows the “investigators” to experience their roles in an intense, interactive way.


Group problem-solving




Designed with an “escape room” concept, this activity requires teams to solve each challenge in the activity before they can even move on to the next one! Two heads are indeed better than one. With constant encouragement and determination needed to progress, let’s see how far each team can go before exasperation sets in.






Designed as a remote race activity, teams are now able to travel around the world in a virtual environment! However, challenges are abound in each virtual city. With the focus on gaining as many points as possible in a specific time frame, teams have to manage their risks and rewards to achieve victory!



Effective Communication

Risk management

Each activity is thematised to take your team “out of the workplace”, designed with specific learning outcomes and conducted completely on a mobile app and a video conferencing platform like Zoom.

As part of a structured programme, every of these activities can last for half a day with maximum engagement and meaningful learning! No kidding.

The Team CSI activity even includes a 360 degrees exploration of a  virtual crime scene!

The Office Escape features a myriad of stages and challenges which include interactive still images with hidden clues…

Around The World In 80 Minutes brings you to different attractions around the world filled with virtual race checkpoints!

...And Here Are Some Of Our Participant Screenshots!

...Or How About Video Trailers Of The Mentioned Activities?!

And The Best Part?
We Can Even Customise And White-Label The Entire App For You!
Look At What We Did For The Singapore Tourism Board For Their New Hire Virtual Onboarding Programme Featuring Merli The Merlion:

Here’s what a client who had experienced one of these activities had to say:

“Right Impact has done it again. I was amazed when they developed their own CSI activity to develop teams years back. They have now successfully innovated to create the CSI team development experience digitally.

Having gone through numerous experiential teambuilding activities before, I never thought this was possible. Yet, the Right Impact team has managed to create an immersive digital experience where you will need to work closely with your team through a video conferencing platform, and leverage the strengths of one another to complete the digital challenge.”

Arthur Koo

Assistant Vice President, Human Resource

ST Engineering

Here’s another client testimonial:

“I like this A LOT because the virtual activity stimulates my mind in so many ways. Overall, to me, it is very fun and the points on team dynamics and the (debrief) questions really help.”

Country Head, People & Organisation

A Major Pharmaceutical Company

And yet another one:

“Thank you, Right Impact, for offering a fully virtual yet immersive teambuilding experience through The Office Escape. And this coming on the heels of another (face-to-face) retreat that we had last year (Team CSI), both experiences were very different and yet alike in the level of engagement and interaction they were able to elicit.

The programme is thoughtfully designed around a set of learning outcomes and reflection questions, and well-facilitated. The set-up of the programme appropriately pushed the teams into unknown territory and gave us a chance to learn more about how one another worked, and how we might overcome difficult challenges with optimism and the “can do” spirit.

It also confronts teams on how they might and could respond when faced with “real world” elements of set-backs and U-turns, especially relevant in times like this. The thoughtfully conceptualised modes of delivery gave us a positive experience working together remotely, and would be helpful for those seeking to build an effective virtual team.

Thank you for offering an innovative virtual team-building solution, Right Impact. You walk your talk about how resilience and innovation can carry teams and companies forward in the midst of a pandemic.”


Senior Research Analyst, Research and Management Information Division

Ministry of Education

And one more:

“Right Impact has been working with us for the past 5 years delivering our massive in-person teambuilding programmes successfully. But when we had to transit into a virtual programme this year, I had thought that it was impossible. However, the Right Impact team met and perhaps exceeded our expectations once again, even when we had close to 300 participants in this division-wide event.

The Around The World In 80 Mins activity was not only customised for us with our intended learning outcomes and digital skins, it was thoroughly fun, kinaesthetic and full of learning. The 3 – 4 hours went by so quickly.

To any organisation out there who is looking for a paradigm shift to a virtual teambuilding/learning programme, I strongly recommend Right Impact!"


Wong Wei Yong

Senior Manager, Customer Experience and Training Strategy

Mobile Marketing and Sales, Consumer Group Singapore


And if you are thinking that these are just “recreational” teambuilding activities with ZERO learning value, we’re proud to say, “No, they’re not!”

As shared earlier, every activity is designed with specific learning outcomes. To put it bluntly, if we say that one of the activities helps participants to learn about resilience, they would, most likely, experience resilience during the gameplay.

Conducted as either a vendor-facilitated or self-facilitated session, every activity starts with the introduction of a learning framework that the teams would be encouraged to apply as they go about solving a crime or escaping from the office. This is then followed by the actual conduct of the activity before we round things up with an in-app debrief.

With the constant need to communicate with each other as they progress in each activity, this may be the virtual teambuilding solution that you have been looking for.

Welcome to teambuilding in the digital age!


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